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How Hacker Installs a Credit Card Skimmer in 3 Seconds

Card Skimmers have been around for years, but the video posted below is a perfect example of the evolution of the technology used by thieves.

The video released by Miami Beach Police involved two men who work as a team to install a credit card Skimmer on top of a card terminal at a local gas station in LESS THAN 3 SECONDS.

Yes, in just less than 3 seconds hackers can turn a regular credit and debit card reader into a Skimmer – a device designed to secretly steal a victim's credit or debit card information.

The two men were caught on video by a security camera, but it all happened so fast that one might have to rewatch the video to actually catch the crime.

Miami Beach Police have published the video of the cyber crook and his partner, who was tasked with distracting the station's clerk, in the hopes that someone recognizes the criminals and helps track them down.

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