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Phone Hanging Solution

Phone Hanging, this has become one of the most common problems now a days. So, Geek Winky presents you some easy tips through which you can reduce the hanging problem of your phone.
 "Why phone hangs so frequently?", this is the howl of many peoples around the globe. The days when we use simple mobile phones were go-went-gone. As the time being changing, mobile phones has become Smartphones, which run on tangled softwares like Android, iOS, Windows,etc. which require much prominent hardware capacity. Beside this millions of apps are available which vary in performance and quality.

What is Phone Hanging?
When phone stops responding to the commands of user, it is said to be Hang. It is also known as screen freeze or phone crash.
                It can be simply known as whatever you do, your phone refuses to do anything.

In this article we will look upon the general reasons behind phone hang, and possible solutions of this ubiquitous problem.

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1. Keep All your Apps Updated

Make sure that all the apps  installed in your phone is updated, you can check it by regularly visiting the App store(Google Play for Android,iTunes for Apple), but generally app store notifies you for the new updates if available. App developers keep on enhancing their apps. So it is extremely recommended to regularly update all you apps. Newer version of apps may consume lesser CPU power and memory.

2. Power Off your Mobile Phone

Shutting down will entirely refresh the memory of your phone. After restarting the phone, it will free of all the undesirable pieces of data that were abiding on and occupying the memory space of your phone.

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3. Install Apps in External Memory

Most of the time when we install any app, we don't pay much attention to where the app is going to be installed and what influence it can have on the performance of our phone. In most cases, the apps get installed in the internal memory of our phone, by default. This leaves lesser space for running the apps and that in turn causes obstruct memory. So, to avoid the problem of Phone Hanging, it is advisable to install the apps in external memory of the phone. And if required, the external memory can also be expanded. Hence, the apps were easily installed in the external memory without blocking the internal memory of the phone. This will prevent the hanging problem of your phone.

To install apps in external memory, you have to set the default write disk. Go to Settings > Storage > Default write disk > Select SD card. The location of this settings may slightly vary among different handsets. So, please look around it carefully.

4. Move Installed Apps from Internal to External Memory

If you have don't noticed about the location where the app has been installed at the time of installing. You can simply move the app from internal to external memory. This will give the more space to internal memory of the phone as explained above.

To move the already installed apps from internal to external memory, Go to Settings > Apps , and choose the app you want to move it to external memory.

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5. Install Anti-Virus Software

Viruses plays a great role of hazard to your phone. If your mobile is playing a host to a virus, the virus can considerably slow down your phone, which can often hang the mobile. So, you need an Anti-Virus Software to safeguard your mobile phone from this problem. Despite the fact that anti-virus software itself consumes a lot of memory, but it is better to have the virus removed.

6. Switch Off & Remove the Battery

If your Android phone is frozen solid and it has a removable battery, the easiest way to force-restart it is to simply remove the battery. Pop off the battery cover, remove the battery for a few seconds, put it back into place, snap the battery cover back on, then turn your phone back on by holding the power button down for a few seconds. You should use this method only if the standard method of powering off and restarting your phone fails, however.

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6. Delete Unnecessary Apps 

Just browse through your phone, you may spot some of the apps which you have been installed earlier, but now you no longer required it, then immediately uninstall such apps. Such apps remain idle and waste the precious memory of the phone.

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7. Delete Unnecessary Data

Just have a look at your phone whether your data such as images, videos, musics, files, etc. have been stored at your External Memory or Internal Memory. If it has been stored in the internal, you are really blocking up the internal memory space which is one of the biggest reason behind making your phone hang. So, take a look at all the files and delete the unnecessary data, and move the rest of the files to the External Memory. Or you can also backup these files on your PC/Laptop.

8. Give External Memory Some Breathing Space

From the beginning, we are advising you to store all your data on External Memory as much as possible, it doesn't means that you choke up your External Memory. Give some free space to your External Memory too, so that apps can run fast and easily store their relevant data. The conclusion is that, you should give free space to your Internal Memory and External Memory as well, otherwise it could be the reason to make your phone hang.

9. Factory Reset

This should be your last alternative. If none of the above tricks work and your phone still hangs, you can reset your phone back to factory settings. By using this option, it will remove everything from your mobile phone. You will loose all your data present in the Internal memory of the phone. Essentially, this option will make your phone just the way it was when it was produced in the factory. You will lose your data forever. So, please make a backup of it on your PC or elsewhere.
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If your phone hangs quite often, it becomes really irritating
Hope you guys like this article and it will help you to sort out the phone crash problem.
And please use the comment section below to let us know that these tricks worth or not.

Article By : Atul Agrawal, Technical Writer @GeekWinky
Phone Hanging Solution Reviewed by Atul Agrawal on 6:47 AM Rating: 5
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