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Hack the PHP Replacement in HHVM by Facebook

In this era of coding languages, programming, web development, advancement in technologies and exponential development of various languages in computer science and engineering, we need the programming  languages  which we use to be very smart, effective, and programmer friendly.
“HACK” the programming language gives us an  entirely different version and features for coding which is although not very common but includes thousands of  new opportunities and making itself an easier and programmer friendly language throughout the world.
“HACK” is a language mainly used to build complex websites at greater speeds an still ensuring that the site’s source code is well organised and completely free of errors and other complexities. 

The language implementation is open-source, licensed under the BSD License. Its “safety net” feature gives the programmers to write safer and fast codes as well. It is believed to be the best of both dynamically typed and statically typed languages. It is a language mainly developed for HHVM(Hip Hop Virtual Machine) an open source platform built by facebook  to execute programs precisely and accurately. Hack basically works on gradual typing which allows variable to be typed either at compile time or run can even run the given code without can even reload the webpage and edit the file and measure changes instantly. It also runs in typically less than 200 milli seconds making it easy to integrate into your development workflow , without  introducing any noticeable delays. It adds additional features beyond   static type checking collections, lambda expressions and run time use of return types and parameter types.  The collections provide, clean, safe alternative to PHP arrays. 

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The Collections API offers many classic higher-order functions such as map() and filter() to facilitate functional programming styles. Lambda expressions give a concise syntax for creating closures. Run-time use of return types and parameter types (including scalar types like int and string) provides safety beyond what can be checked statically while type annotations are being gradually added to a codebase. Other significant features of Hack include XHP, Shapes, Type Aliasing, Async  support, backwards compatibility with PHP code which are  programmer  friendly.

Because of its vast and extra ordinary features, even  Facebook has converted 90% of its PHP codes to the programming language -”HACK”.

The new language lets Facebook gradually update its existing PHP codebase and still benefit from its long time investment in PHP, says Ed Smith, the technical lead on Facebook’s HHVM runtime engine, which will now support both Hack and PHP.

According to the facts and figures, ”HACK”  will be one of the widely used language by the year 2030 throughout  the world making the coding more easier and imparting extra features as compared to the modern coding languages and will not  be limited to HHVM only. 

Article By - Krutika Bapat

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