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The Power Of Smartphones:Redefined

"Design is not just what it feels and looks like. Design is how it works"     Steve Jobs

Life has evolved from this tiny to that big. Technology has evolved from that huge to this small. Pretty much sums up everything. Processors to micro-processors, there lies the whole magic of technology.

A smartphone has always been a great necessity for every individual right out there. Myself, when I plan on buying a phone which is geeky ;)  I choose one which has a brilliant design coupled with a great software written over acceptably good hardware.

Image Source - Symetium
Design of the phone has always been a key and sole criteria of the present day smartphone designs. Sicne, the competiton out there is cut-throat, with everybody giving almost all features, barring a few just for approximately equivalent bucks, great and intelligent have begun a detailed research on how to make things look beautiful. 

               Yes, Beuaty is always accepted. We all have a taste for beauty 

Often, people around the world call the iPhone as the most beautiful phone or a few others some x,y,z Android phone. All of you are right. Maybe not. Seriously, sealed lips

Start from here if you have skipped the above :P

We at GeekWinky always believe and respect great design. And today is special, we are gonna talk to you about something that is prettier than the prettiest girl in your Higher Secodary. And with no more lag-a-do, here it is

                                             S   Y   M   E   T   I   U   M

Yeah, pretty much emphasised. If you still didn't figure it out, Lel, grab your wit up :P

Image Source - Symetium
SYMETIUM : The no-compromise smartphone 


Why do we love Symetium so much? The design. It is such baby gorgeous that got the whole GeekWinky go awe-struck. Designed with such absolutely great and mstery symmetry. The molten metal is perfectly mould into a great design possessing industry's finest design. Adding gloss and glamour at the right places, SYMETIUM has got whole Paris fashionsits skip a heart beat. 

                                               Beauty and a Beast

Rightly befits the Symetium. The phone bears a beautiful 5 inch OLED screen with very less body to screen ratio making Symetium look smarter than the people going for an interview at an MNC. It bears a beautiful touch-home button which glows giving out different amazingly great customisable colours for different notifications. This beauty is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It also has dust and waterproof certification.
One word, immense love for the design of this phone. 

Image Source - Symetium

Processor and Memory

The beauty beast has its clock beat by the Industry's most successful Snapdragon 820 chipset. The basic version buzzes out with 64 GB of secondary memory coupled with 6 gigs of RAM.
Heavy gaming?? Symetium handles it with a smile on its screen :)  
The highest end goes uptil 256 GB of secondary memory.

Image Source - Symetium


4000 mAh people!!! 4000 mAh!!!
And with USB Type C charger. 

       Ever seen Flash?? the guy who goes whoosh! Nope? Connect your Symetium and you will know!

Long battery backup and industry's best fast charge. What else do you need? Easily a day of complete usage and no drop in the elixir of Symetium. Have access to the Internet day in and day out. Still Symetium stays fit :)

Image Source - Symetium

The Symetium OS and the Symetium Stuff 

What makes Symetium the stud? Why is Symetium our love?

The OS!! The Symetium OS!! Amazing to the core of performance.

SymetiumOS is a UI designed with minimalism and elegance in mind. Not only a mobile operating system, by connecting the Symetium device via USB 3.0 type C port to an HDMI screen, you can activate a mouse and keyboard friendly PC mode.
Connecting a mouse lets you control the UI using a cursor. Once connected in PC mode the Symetium device can be used as a mouse or keyboard, eliminating the need for external components if none are available. SymetiumOS has been designed to be used in both landscape and portrait modes.

Image Source - Symetium
Unlike stock android, Symetium OS will organize apps and files in individual categories – for example, a gallery of pictures, as well as apps relating to pictures. This was done to keep apps and data clean and organized, and to give the user more control the way a PC operating system does.
This makes the app drawer into a file explorer, merging the mobile experience with the PC experience. There is also a native file explorer accessed by pressing the hard drive icon, the same as for a PC operating system. A switch to revert to stock Android is also planned.

Image Source - Symetium
There are a lot of other things about Symetium which nobody in India perfectly knows. GeekWinky has made an effort to bring to your notice a good beast with a godly performance. Hope Symetium will be available in India soon.

Article By : Vishal Pallagani
Love the above work? Do comment below. ( Whatever it may be – It is free no? :P )
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