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We all are now fed up of the typing method of writing in today's digital world.Most of us feel more comfortable with writing with pen than using a keyboard.

Phree is a smart pen that can change the way we write.
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"PHREE" as the name suggests gives us the freedom to write on any surface,and the thing we wrote gets automatically copied on the screen of our smartphones.Only restriction is that the surface must be able to reflect light.

To fully express ourselves we need better precision and more space. Phree takes you way beyond the screen. You can write or draw on nearly any surface and your words or features will appear on your screen instantly.

Phree brings us back to  more direct interaction with world around us in part by freeing us to use one of our most personal skill- Handwriting.
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It can copy handwriting of any person accurately , exactly in same style and in same manner.There have never been anything like this. Phree is a device which helps you express your creativity without any boundries. Not only writing ,it also support drawing and emojis. Doesn't  it  sounds interesting  that we can draw anything ,anywhere and it gets copied as it is on screen.

Not only this,  phree can also act as bluetooth headset for taking phone calls. With phree we can jot down phone numbers anywhere and anytime. Phree is a revolution in digital world. It changes the way we interact with digital world till now.

Controlled by an app, Phree can connect to any device including phone, tablet, laptop, and allows the user to send messages through integreted touchscreen. It can work on number of compatible apps such as Onenote, Office ,Viber and more.
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Who made it?

It  is developed by OTM technologies,an Israel based firm.They have launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the promotion of gadgets.
WORKING:  It uses the patent technology, OTM (optical translation measurement) which includes a 3D laser inferometer sensor for tracking motion. The motion of our writing is sensed and sent to the device  bluetooth.
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You can get it for $148 approximately Rs. 9500
Phree is quick,convinent,familiar and personal.

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That's a cool gadget... Isn't it ?
I am sure to buy this 😉

Hope you guys like this article on an awesome gadget..
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Article By : Khushboo Priya @ Geek Winky

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