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Pokemon GO Hack : Play Pokemon Go without moving

Pokemon Go
Geek Winky
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Let's take a while here!
Pokemon GO?? GO?? GO?? GO??
Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky 

Yeah! Many of you have already figured what my content would be.
It is Pokemon Go. Yep! No more Go. Let us play Pokemon Rest. 😉
Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky

For you who don't even know what Pokemon Go is, go, get a life mate! Please!

Pokemon Rest : ( there is no such app, don't go searching for it now )

Today, we will do something very interesting. So buckle up Barnes! 
GeekWinky is going to elaborately let you know how you can play Pokemon Go without moving around! 
Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky

Without any further ado, let's kickstart
(Both iOS and Android users can use the same procedure)

Step 1 : Download the TuTu app.
             You can download it here
             PS : Download it from Google only! ( Not from the play stores )

Step 2 : Select your respective OS ( iOS or Android ) and download the TuTu app as a free user.

Step 3 : This step is only for the iOS users. Once the TuTu app is installed, go to Setting>General>
             Profiles. There you need to trust the profile ( some Chinese named profile ) and then go to 
             Tutu app.

Step 4 : Open the TuTu app and download the hacked Pokemon Go ( which is mostly on the top of 
             the charts ). Install the hacked PokemonGo app which will be our new Pokemon Rest :P

Step 5 : You are successfully done installing the hacked Pokemon Go. Just open it.

Step 6 : Get some French Fries from here for free Free French Fries
           Lame eh? I should have done it during April.

Step 7 : Get sloppy on the couch, put those french fries ( a lot of french things are         popular as well, I 
             should'nt link them though  xP, job at stake bro! ), and play the Pokemon Go by just moving 
             the wheel.

This is just the beginning! This is Tutorial 1 of the Pokemon Go hacks. 
Stay tuned for more.
The next tutorial will cover how to catch a Ditto ( almost every time ) and how to catch rare pokemons with you still munching those pre-ordered and post-received french fries.
So yeah, don't get them stale! We will be back soon. And make sure you catch Charizard.
Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky
Still then Merry Christmas :*

Article By : Vishal Pallagani , Technical Writer @ Geek Winky

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