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Best of the CES 2017

 Geek Winky brings to you the best of CES 2017 covering 15 different categories. So all the tech savvy people, get ready to taste the awesomeness.

Best Accesibility Tech :

1. Whill Model M : Advancement in the wheel chair industry can be said is never heard of. WHILL, however has made a terrain wheelchair that can go smoothly through any obstacles. It has three speed modes along with a stationary which helps in keeping the wheelchair at rest even if somebody pushes it by mistake.

2. Dring Smartcane : It is way more than just a cane carried by elderly people which helps them in agility. This is a new smart product from the French startup Nov'in, called the Dring. The cane comes with a set of motion sensors that you can expect, but what's new is that it has GPS to provide location data. It alerts the caretaker if the user of the cane falls down or there is a reduced activity over time.

3. Aira : Glasses designed for the blind. When the Aira glasses are worn by the blind, Chloe from Aira helps the blind to carry on their daily activities by guiding them over voice.

Best Startup :

1. Sevenhugs smart remote : This remote can control anything! Yes!! "ANYTHING". It operates using Infrared, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can control all your smart home appliances and also point this remote at natural objects like a window to know the weather and at the door to order a UBER cab.

Best Digital health and Fitness Product :

1. Flow by Plume Labs : It helps you in finding out better quality of air. Plume Flow calculates the purity of air and also finds out the amount of dust particles in the air. It comes with a strap, thus, can be easily attached to your backup.

2. 360 Smart Bed by Sleep Number : Oooo!! Sleep. Yes. Everybody's favourite. 360 Smart bed automatically adjusts itself to your postures while sleeping. Let's hope the price is reasonable :D

Best Wearables : 

1. Misfit Vapor : Another smart watch with fresh software. Plus is that it can track your heart rate. The Vapor looks pretty and comes for a reasonable price of $199

2. Everlast and PIQ boxing glove : Well, I love this. I guess this is the first time some fitness tracking device for boxing has come out. This device tracks the face punches and tells us about the punch power, impact and force. You can then share it on the social media as well with a post saying maybe " Don't mess with me kiddo :P "

Best Automotive Technology :

1. Honda Rider Assist : A self balancing bike. Balancing a bike when slow is pretty much up to the rider and it gets more difficult at busier parking lots. The Honda Rider Assist helps in keeping the bike upright even without the driver using gyroscope functionalities.

2. Honda Nue V : Equipped with an emotion enginge AI to assist you throughout your ride.

3. Chrysler Portal : The electric vehicle has three rows of seating, and when not in use, those seats can be folded to make space for storage. It also sports a fold-down display, an intercom so that the driver can talk to the passengers and also there is a selfie cam at the back to cover all the pretty social media addicted faces.

4. Toyota Concept-i : A car for millenials by millenials.

Best Home Theatre Products : 

1. Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar : Sony's flagship sounbar for 2017 is here. It comes with a lot of connecitvities including bluetooth and thus can be paired up with phone wirelessly. If you like voice controls, the HT-ST5000 plays nice with Google Home so you can use Google Assistant to situate the Dolby Atmos around.

2. Mohu wireless antenna : Wired antennas getting you on the nerve. Here is Mohu. Mohu connects to your television using the wifi to provide you access to all the channels.

3. Razer Project Ariana : Rather than just lighting up the keyboard, this is a 4k projector that expands the game outside of the monitor.

Best Connected Home Product : 

1. Emotech Olly Machine Learning Assistant : It uses machine learning to adjust its behaviour behaved on your personality. If you are sweet to it, it will be talking to you in the same way, if you are more serious, Olly will be too.

2. Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler : Yes, it converts your food waste into a rich – feritlizer.

3. Mattel Aristotle : It grows up alongwith your kids and helps in their development as well. It can read stories to your kids and also you can program Aristotle to make it teach the kid a foreign language for one hour a day.

These are some of the categories we would like to discuss today. Visit us back tomorrow again for the other categories such as Mobiles Phones, Laptops, etc.
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Article by : Vishal Pallagani @ Geek Winky

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