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Google HOME : The Best Companion

"Google, I need you", this line always comes in our minds whenever we are stuck anywhere or when we have to search something to solve any problem. Simply and clearly I'll say that in every aspect of life we take the help of Google. And not only this, when we are with our friends or colleagues and they ask for some information, we suggest them to take the help of Google. We simply say "Google It Dude" 😉
So, to provide you an assistant Google never steps back, it is always with us..
And now it comes with the Google HOME. It is a home hub device that, for the first time in Google's history, allows you to leverage all of what Google offers without having to tap or click on a screen. 

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Superlative Design

    Google smartly designed the Home to blend in with the rest of the mundane products in your home. Most people would say it looks like an air freshener, and I’d agree. That’s not a bad thing: it’s easy to put the speaker anywhere in your home — your kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. — without having it stick out like an obvious piece of gadgetry.

It's only available in white, but you can still match it to your decor by swapping out the bases (Google is selling $20 optional bases that come in a variety of fabric or metal finishes and colors).On top of the Home is a touch-sensitive panel, which can be used to control the device’s volume, play and pause music, and activate its listening mode. You'll see colorful, very Googley lights glow in the panel (you can say) when Home hears its wake words "OK Google" or "Hey Google" or it responds to a command.
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Voice Interface

The only other things you'll notice about the top-half of Home are these two divots for the far-field microphones, which theoretically allow Home to pick up your voice commands from across a room. That's key for a largely voice-controlled product.

The big thing that truly separates Home from our phones is that it completely and absolutely relies on voice commands. It has no screen and only a couple of very basic touch elements. Fortunately, Google has basically nailed it. Interacting through voice alone is so good that it crosses into that territory where it's a bit unbelievable.

Home has an uncanny ability to understand almost everything I've ever said to it.

Home has an uncanny ability to understand almost everything I've ever said to it. As I said in my first post, it took very little time to become comfortable speaking to Google Home without raising my voice. I've even grown accustomed to speaking at just slightly louder volumes when I'm in a completely different room or I've got music playing above the lowest volumes.

Connected Speakers

This speaker can change your way of listening music..
A simple "Hey Google, play Discover Weekly" will fire up your personalized Spotify playlist. Or I can say "Hey Google, play some chill music" in the evening and it will comply. The Home works with more precise requests too; I can ask for specific songs, artists, or albums, and it will pull them up in a matter of seconds. All of this is done without requiring me to pick up a device, open an app, or type in anything — I just say "Hey Google" and ask for what I want, change the volume, skip tracks, and so on. 
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Search Answers

First, understand that Assistant can follow your use of pronouns and remember context for follow-up questions. That means you can ask "OK Google, who is the President-elect of the US?" and then ask "OK Google, how old is he?", and Assistant will know you're asking about the President-elect's age.
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Second, Assistant pulls from most of Google's online services as well as its deep well of search knowledge. You can ask what you should have for dinner, and Google Assistant will locate local places to eat and serve up suggestions. There are endless things you can ask, and nine times out of 10 it will have an answer for you.

Assistant is supposed to smartly hand-off commands too. We use a Google Pixel XL which also has Google Assistant built-in and is meant to be clever enough to understand when you're talking to Home rather than the phone. Sadly, that's not the case: more often than not we wouldn't get a response from Assistant on Home, but rather on our phone.

Google Assistant

Home is all about Assistant, really, which is the gateway to question-and-answer information.
Currently, you can call on those everyday, mundane tasks like manage cooking timers, set morning alarms, and remember shopping lists. You can also ask Assistant to fetch weather and traffic information, look up flights, check your calendar, get local business information, and order an Uber for you.
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Assistant even does jokes and trivia: Just say "OK Google, entertain me" and see what happens next.
However, Assistant is a pretty basic assistant right now. Especially for Google and when considering the bigger picture. We'd love if Home could check our Gmail for new messages or track our packages, but it can't do that. We'd also like it to text or call our friends for us, like even through our wireless connected Android device, but it can't do that either. We'd even love the ability to add appointments to our Google Calendar or set reminders, but again, it can't do any of that.

At least it's got some of the typical stuff down; it quickly became our daily alarm clock and the easiest way to check the score of the most recent Miami Hurricanes game.


Google introduced a new version of itself at its big product launch event last month. It's finally getting serious about hardware in order to push its excellent ecosystem of services forward. The Pixel phone was a great start, and Home is a thoughtful way to make Assistant even more accessible.
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Image Source - Geek Winky
Home may be a brand new category of gadget, but Assistant is so smart and works so well that it's like experiencing a bit of the future right now. It's one of those rare products you didn't even know you needed.

Price - ₹ 21,999
Buy Now @ AMAZON

Hope you guys like this article and it help you to find whether you really need your assistant or not..
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Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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