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Do you know the work of F1 to F12 keys on keyboard ?

F1 to F12 are the function keys lie on the top of the every keyboard. Are you also know only this much about the function keys ?😅 Don't Worry, Geek Winky is going to explain you all about these...  Function keys have a very important role on working with your PCs / Laptops
In this age of technology we are taught just the basics to navigate but almost never speak of keyboard shortcuts that could make our work much easier, our work as netizens. There are so many hidden combinations we would have to find through some tutorials on Youtube or forums. Today, we will describe about the F1 to F12 function keys.😉

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Located on the top of your keyboard you will find these buttons to the right of the Esc key. 
     The F1 key has been recurrently used and reserved for the Help menus in almost all programs. If we need a tutorial, some additional information or some guidance to solve a problem, this will be our salvation. 

F2 allows us to modify the name of the file or folder you have selected at that time. This shortcut allows us to avoid the boring right click on the file, look for the name change and go to the file again option. Swift and Simple...

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The F3 key allows direct access to the search box form. With the help of it we can trace along the contents of a web page or document which is active at that time. It also allows us to avoid searching among multiple menus that have put us designers. 

The F4 key helps to close an open program. Whether a browser, a document or to the same Windows. What we do is, we should keep in mind not to close something we do not want to lose.

F5 key is widely used in the field of Internet. It allows us to reapply for information about the page you have open at that time and put it back. This will prevent us from having to see a page that is not loaded properly or receive a new date with the newer version.

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 The F6 key allows access from a browser address bar without using a mouse. We also can move through different menus of some programs.

In writing information or programs, such as MS Word or something similar, we have an option that allows us orthographically correct a text in order to avoid errors. This option can be used simply by pressing the F7 key on your keyboard. 

With the F8 key you can access the boot menu windows. This will be very useful if we have problems when turning on our computer, as it will allow us to open the "safe mode" and check why it is failing to boot normally.

The victim of the "F" keys is the F9 key, because very few know its function.

Basically it is used for some design options in programs or to update the document that will have Word. We only work if we use that file on a shared basis, so it really is like something almost unreliable. 
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F10, by contrast, has two functions. The first is to show the hidden menus have active window. This is also possible if you simply press the "Alt Gr" key.
Alt Gr key is suitable when you want to use both Ctrl & Alt key together.
        The other function of the F10 key appears when you click with the shift key, then it acts as if we had made a click with the right mouse button. Still we prefer the key we found next to the windows key right because it allows us to use the right mouse button right where we have the cursor at the time. Almost reaching the end, the F11 key shows full-screen mode within a web browser.
This feature is usually a nuisance in many cases, as we will hide the taskbar and in some cases force us to remember which key has been pressed. It is more useful to find out that almost to enter. But of course, if we put some web so that it fills the entire screen, it may be also useful.
F12 allows us to open debug mode browser. If you're not making a website, better not worry about it. 
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Now we will show some keyboard shortcuts as a bonus for this article..

When we see the Windows key on the keyboard we imagine that only serves to show the main menu of the operating system. But far from having only this utility you can be used as an auxiliary key for different combinations. If we use along with the L key, we will block access leading us to the menu windows without closing any system. This can be very useful if we leave the laptop in a shared space and not want anyone to see us what we are doing.

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If we combine it with the M key , we will minimize all windows again without closing anything. If used together with the shift key or the capital again we recover all. This will prove useful if you want us direct access to our desktop, without going pressing one by one and each of the windows we have on the desktop. We definitely will save a lot of time. Still also we remind you that the new versions of windows incorporate a similar function on the right side of the Windows taskbar.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do share this with your friends & family.
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Article By : Atul Agrawal, Sr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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