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Laser Keyboard : Magic Cube by Celluon - Review

Laser Keyboard, that sounds like some kind of science fiction. But guys... this one really works. With this Magic Cube produced by Celluon, you can easily generate a fully functional keyboard on any surface and at any time you required.
Magic Cube provides you a much better typing environment than those of mini-keyboards you guys use on your average smartphones. The Magic Cube laser-projects a virtual, full-size, 63-key keyboard onto just about any flat and opaque surface. You tap on the table in front of you, and the Magic Cube’s magic eye translates your virtual keystrokes into real keystrokes.
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The device itself is tiny, but it apparently makes typing easier than on the tiny keyboards on mobile devices. And it works on a wide range of mobiles. It connects via Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Blackberry tablets. You can also connect the cube to a Windows or Mac computer using USB.

Since typing on a flat surface provides no touch feedback, the Magic Cube uses an audible click for each tap. Welcomed at the start, the clicks soon became annoying. Their volume can only be adjusted using a Function-key combo. Yeah, just try to tap two keys at once on a projection keyboard. It is about as effective as a Band-Aid on a coronary.
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The Magic Cube from Celluon is a rectangular little box with rounded edges, and actually a cuboid and not a cube. It's quite compact, measuring 7.6 cm x 3.9 cm x 3 cm. The Magic Cube has a very nice transparent, plastic box, in a style that resembles Apple and, more recently, some Logitech products. This deluxe look is also reflected by the price, because 10k is a lot for a keyboard. However, similar products used to cost much more. It's not that extreme either compared to other high-end accessories. A standard Bluetooth keyboard will cost you around Rs.3000, and mechanical keyboards can cost almost as much as this Magic Cube. On the other hand, you pay the extra money for such keyboard to get a better typing experience, and it's questionable whether that will be the case here. Then again, the Magic Cube is very portable, which can't be said of the other keyboards.

Instead we compared to onscreen touch keyboards on various mobile devices. The Magic Cube is so compact that the designers made a little hole in one of the corners to attach a cord, which you then can hang on your keychain for example. This will probably only be comfortable if you wear super baggy pants with huge pockets.

The Magic Cube works very straight-forward, even with Bluetooth. The latter takes a little more effort, since you have to enter a code in order to pair the two devices. You enter the code with the keyboard. As soon as it's detected, you can start typing away. We found that you sometimes had to try a few times before it was detected.
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Image Source - Geek Winky

While the tiny device is lightweight and portable, its battery life is listed as 2.5 hours. Type on a flat surface for even an hour and aspirin will be mighty tempting. But even if you are a trooper, 2.5 hours of power doesn’t cut it when you aren’t near a recharge.

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Article By : Atul Agrawal, Sr. Technical Writer @ Geek Winky
Laser Keyboard : Magic Cube by Celluon - Review Reviewed by Atul Agrawal on 3:24 AM Rating: 5
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