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AMPY - "Your movement is your power"

We put a lot of energy into our days,what if we could get some of energy back!
Ampy is a wearable device that capture energy from your motion throughout the day and turn it into power for your phone.You can charge your phone or any device by the exercise you do by the smallest wearable motion charger AMPY.
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When you move,your motion gets converted into energy which gets stored in its lithium battery.

You don't need  to be an athelete, any motion can charge it.It gives all the lazy people out there to keep moving. Ampy is designed to just fit into your life. It"s shape matches with the curve of your body and is small enough to pop into your purse.

If you live in a city, you probably walk enough to extend your battery life of your phone upto 3 hours, if you also go on a round  or go cycling, you can extend it by 6 hours. The more you move, the more you get power....."your movement is your power".

You can use ampy to charge all your wearable devices or any other device that gets charged by USB. But you dont need to use the power right away, you can store it and use it when your device needs it the most.
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If you want how much power you are getting out,you can check the smart phone app AMPY + ,it allows you to check energy you have generated,along with  the calories you burn.


It’s thrilling and rewarding to learn how AMPY MOVE is making such an impact and how so many people fit it into their lives in ways we never imagined. With AMPY MOVE in hand, many of you have been curious about the science behind the magic and have asked us—How does AMPY MOVE really work? And how does the device capture my kinetic energy and turn it into power for my smartphone?
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Let’s start with the basics of the .....inside of AMPY MOVE is a circuit board, a battery and two inductors. An inductor is a coil with a magnet suspended inside. When your motion moves the magnet, it induces a current within the coil. Using several types of circuits, this current is then converted into energy that can be stored in the battery.

Inductors have been used to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy for decades in a variety of applications. But these devices are typically big and bulky, about the size of your forearm. So, we set out to find a way to generate more power in a small form factor that could fit into your daily life. In doing so, we came up with a patent-pending inductor architecture that brought AMPY MOVE to life.

Each inductor inside of AMPY MOVE generates a certain amount of power, which is voltage multiplied by current. You know the little blue light that blinks when you hold down the right button and shake AMPY MOVE? Here’s what’s happening when you do that—here’s what electricity really looks like.

The voltage (left) and current (right) produced by a single AMPY MOVE inductor. Tested independently at Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc.
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To get the maximum theoretical power out of these graphs, we have to consider the fact that the voltage and current are oscillating between positive and negative values. So we divide the distance between the high and low peaks by 2, and multiply the values together to get a maximum theoretical power around 400 mW. If we use two inductors, we would expect to generate 800 mW, but this doesn’t always happen because the inductors can interfere with each other and generate less power than just having one. Our challenge, and the source of our intellectual property, was to figure out how to couple the two inductors without reducing maximum power. By coupling the inductors in a constructive way and processing their power outputs independently, we became the first to extract more power out of more than one inductor.

If you’re doing the math in your head right now, you’re probably thinking 800 mW is a lot of power for a device this small. It is, but the maximum power is reduced because you can’t achieve both maximum voltage and current at the same time (because physics). After the power is generated, you have to then turn it into direct current and charge a battery, and then charge your phone’s battery. Each step whittles away at the amount of energy you can put into your phone. All in all, it takes dozens of hours of exercise to fully charge your AMPY MOVE.
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But at the end of it all, each hour of exercise will provide up to an hour of normal use or five hours of standby for your smartphone—that’s a great amount of charge if you’re in a pinch at the end of the day. And if your AMPY MOVE has no battery life, you can generate power by shaking

The more you move, the more power you will generate, so running is more efficient than cycling and walking

So keep moving, running, exercising, cycling, dancing—the more you move, the more power you’ll generate!


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Article By - Khushboo Priya @ Geek Winky

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