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How To Recharge Your Phone Instantly

Nowadays due heavy workloads and hectic lifestyle , people sometimes are unable to manage things properly and among them one of the work is to manage their phone’s battery life .
Sometimes we get frustrated when we are ready to leave the house and we realize that our phone is almost dead and we don’t have time to recharge it . But today we have got a cool solution  or i say a trick to this problem that gonna let us charge our phone instantly and the best part is that it takes just a few seconds to setup .
Image Source - YouTube
Now what we gonna need is
a charging cable
a tin foil (non stick or stick ) and
some sort of wire ( any kind of speaker wire or any kind of extension cord)
Image Source - YouTube
Now lets start with it . First of all take your phone with having a very low battery life let it be 1%and wrap the the cord around it as shown in the images . Further wrap the tin foil around your wire wrapped phone . Then plug the phone for around 10 seconds and we’ll find that the phone get charged up to 78% . Now to get the last few 20% might take 4 mins because it starts  diminishing with time . Its a kind of  exponential decay.
Image Source - YouTube
Image Source - YouTube
Image Source - YouTube
The logic behind this is a little  bit of physics . When we charge a battery  it creates an electric potential difference  between the  wall and the phone that is flow from higher charge to lower charge that is why the electrons flow into battery and stay in there . But the issue with phone is that they are really thin so a lot of electric potential escapes out of the phone and the companies completely ignores this because in order to fix this they would make the phones thicker ( wrapping the phone in a thicker case ) and people want thinner phone that's why a lot of phone are  so inefficient because of the electric potential escaping . Now what we do is trapping electric potential  using foils. The foil helps in this but the main player is the wire that creates  magnetic induction around the phone  and induces electric current  . So  when we charge the phone , charge move from high potential to low potential (form wall to the phone )  and due to its wrapping around  the phone  it an induction field and induces  more current . 
Image Source - YouTube
This is a kind of  recycling electric potential around the phone and hence enabling the phone to get charged up in a few seconds . So by doing this that is by  wrapping up of wire and foil around the phone we can increase the rate of charging and hence increasing  our phone’s battery life in just a few seconds. It helps to reduces the electric potential wastage It  depends on the no of turns of wire and foil around the phone and the time we let it set . In older phone we get 50% battery life in that few seconds because their battery have gone a little worn out but in the recent well made phones we can get 80% in that few seconds .
Image Source - YouTube
So these few daily hacks can help us go on without having any worry about our phone’s battery life .

Hope this article is helpful for you guys... For any queries, let us know by using the comment section provided below...
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Article By : Priyanka Mall, Technical Writer @ GeekWinky

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