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How To Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie

Are you also a movie lover ??? If yes, then this article is must for you. When it comes to downloading a movie, then it was one of the toughest job in finding the correct downloading link. In trying of finding the link we generally face problems like clicking on wrong links related to ads or many pop-ups which was very irritating. To solve this problem here we have a complete guide to get download link of any movie you like.

We use a Google Search Trick for this which helps to Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie Or Episodes. The trick was very easy to use. We have to use just a single line of code. 

Follow the below steps to get your desirable link :-

STEP 1 - First of all, Copy this code :
        intitle:index.of? mkv 

STEP 2 - Secondly, open your Browser. Here we are using Google Chrome as we have to implement the trick on Google Search. You can use for other browsers.
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Image Source - Geek Winky

STEP 3 - After that paste the copied code on the search bar.
At the end of the code put the movie you want to download.
For e.g.- If you want to download the movie Iron Man, then enter the code : 

intitle:index.of? mkv Iron Man
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Image Source - Geek Winky

STEP 4 - Now press the enter button, then you get various search result. Then select the search result.
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Image Source - Geek Winky

STEP 5 - After that a long list of movies may be displayed according to the search result you have chosen. Kindly use Ctrl + F to search the desired movie.
Then simply click on the movie link. It will start downloading.
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Image Source - Geek Winky
In the second image show below it was the second search result we have chosen in the Google Search Results.
Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky
There are various search results among which you can choose the perfect one for you.
The above trick is also applicable for mp3 and mp4 format also. By just replacing the mkv format with another formats you can get your desired links. This was the best and easiest way to download any movie.

Hope you guys like this article. For more tips and tricks keep visiting Geek Winky.
And if you have any kind of queries or any type of suggestion for our section or article, please share it with us using the comment section provided below.

Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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