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How to Disable your Laptop TouchPad | Geek Winky

The touchpad has been the standard laptop pointing device or you can say it was built-in fetaure for years. They work well when you don't want to carry around another pointing device. Even when a mouse or another pointing device is available, some users prefer the feel of a touchpad above anything else.
But whether you love touchpads or just tolerate them, they still get in your way sometimes. When you're typing on a laptop's keyboard, or take an example we can say When you’re writing an e-mail, a book report, or an article on your laptop or netbook, there’s not much that is worse than having to continually stop typing in order to move your mouse/cursor out of the way after hitting the touchpad by mistake. You don't need to put up with that, however--here's how to turn it off. 
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Disable TouchPad In Laptop

For accomplishing the required purpose do follow the steps given below:-

STEP 1 - In your search bar, search for Control Panel and open it.

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STEP 2 - After opening the Control Panel go through the Hardware and Sound section and click on it. 
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STEP 3 - Then under the section of Devices and Printers tap on Mouse, it will open the Mouse Properties window.

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STEP 4 - On the window opened, you can see an option labelled as Disable. Click on it and also click on the OK button below it to save the settings.

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You are now done with your required aim. If you want to enable it again open this window again by repeating the steps mentioned above and click the Enable button.

Theres is one more way to get the mouse properties window directly i.e.
Simply type  "main.cpl" in your search bar and open it. Well it won't work in many platforms but it is the convenient way to get the required window...

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Tips to keep in your mind

Make sure you have another pointing device available before disabling the touchpad.
If you find touchpad software installed on your laptop, you might be able to adjust the settings and eliminate the touchpad's annoying behavior without disabling it. For example, some touchpad software allows you to change the sensitivity of the touchpad, ignore palm presses, and automatically disable the touchpad when the system detects an external mouse.

Hope you guys like this article and it may be beneficial for you. For latest tips and tricks related to Computers/Laptops keep visiting Geek Winky.
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Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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