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Why we Refresh our Computer ?? | Geek Winky

Have you ever really wondered what does Refresh option actually does? Does it refresh your Windows OS and keep it running smoothly? Does it make your Windows faster? Or maybe you think it will clear your computer’s memory or refresh the RAM…? Actually it is none of these!
You know almost 90% of people around the world keep refreshing not knowing what exactly refreshing does. They keep doing ‘right-click – refresh’ .. ‘right-click – refresh’.. just after their desktop is loaded. And well you can even count me in the list of people who don’t know what refresh does. 

In search of answer, I moved over the internet. And i couldn’t actually get an official answer from any site. But I found some answers from the internet users and I have clubbed them to present the answer in the best way..

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Meaning of Refresh(F5) in Computers

Refreshing can be related to Human behavior. Just as we get tired by doing certain task and need to refresh to become active to do other tasks, Even the computer gets tired after running programs for long time. The word tired in technical terms means the computer becomes slow. And after refreshing the computer, it becomes more active.

Technical Impact Of Refreshing

1. Refreshing makes computer to run faster by clearing its previously completed job cycle, thereby reducing response time for each cycle.

2. When you run a program it will load on to the memory. It will reside in a certain sector until you end the program. As you kill or terminate a program, the restore point of the process is still in the memory for while. So you when you press F5 or refresh, you are cleaning the loaded (resided sector) on the memory.

3. Hence in short, it frees up the ram used for various purposes and fasten your PC.

Why to Refresh Computer ? 

Although your windows automatically refreshes at the default frequency of 60 Hz, You can manually refresh using F5. Or by right clicking on your desktop and selecting refresh option. The question is why to refresh? The answer is simple. As seen in this post, Refreshing will just help you to make your computer active and thus speed it up. People also use refresh to check whether their PC is working at proper speed or not.

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Image Source - Geek Winky

Why some People Refresh Constantly ? 

You may have noticed that some people just refresh their desktops frequently for the sake of refreshing it. It has become almost like a compulsive disorder, to refresh the desktop constantly. You may have noticed this habit especially among some Computer Engineers and Technicians who are obsessed with using the Refresh option – almost in a state of frenzy. 

What is the reason for this? There is no need or reason to do this. It is just a silly habit, they simply need to break. 

Do you have any friends who are in habit of using Refresh Desktop option frequently? Even I do the same thing 😛...Maybe you want to share this post with them.

Or maybe you too are one of them … if so do try and break this habit! 😉 I have also stopped that silly thing..

Hope you guys like this article... For more updates and latest tech news keep visiting Geek Winky... And for any types of queries do use the comment section provided below...

Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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