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How To Increase Laptop Battery Life | Geek Winky

Forget performance, forget gigahertz, forget RAM! The one thing that’s really important for laptop, tablet, or ultrabook users is battery life. With processing power having come so far, many of us seek energy efficiency and battery life instead of raw processing power. Even then, today’s low-end devices can still drain the batteries.

Increase Laptop Battery Life

You can easily Increase your laptop battery life by some tips given below. Some tips may also work for your mobile also. You can run your laptop longer by turning off unnecessary tasks and processes. When you take your laptop while you travel, you must follow these tips to Increase laptop battery life. Lets have a look at all the tips...

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1. Don’t let the battery discharged completely

Don’t use battery when it is less than 20% of charge. When battery discharged completely, it will take much time to charge and its life will be reduced quickly. You need to remember, even if you shut down laptop, it consumes battery. So when you don’t use a laptop for long time, you need to put your laptop in charge once in a week or may be twice in a week. Otherwise your laptop will dry your battery completely.

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2. Disable unnecessary tasks and background processes

Operating system runs too many background processes which are not necessary. When you run more processes, it will consume more computer resources like processor, ram and battery. When you disable unnecessary processes, you will get good battery life at the same time you will make your computer run faster. 
Open Task Manager->Services->Stop 

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Close unnecessary applications and softwares which you don’t need. Don’t do multi tasking. Use one application at a time. Because when you open any application, it consumes battery even when you don’t use it.

3. Use Power saver mode

Almost all laptops comes with Power saver option. When you set your laptop in Power saver mode, it will automatically saves battery power by reducing laptop performance where possible. 
You will get this option in Control panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power options you will see below screen just check Power saver option.

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And also set the brightness level as low as possible.

4. Laptop should have Maximum RAM

Computer runs programs from RAM instead Hard drive. Hard drive is a permanent memory where your OS and all software programs stays. When computer needs to run programs, computer will store required programs in RAM, and runs from RAM. Computer consumes less battery to run programs from RAM. Computer consumes more battery to spin the hard drive. SO if you have more amount of RAM, laptop work less with hard drive and saves battery. Now a days you should have at least 4 GB RAM. If you have less RAM, you need to extend RAM.

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Image Source - Geek Winky

5. Other Battery Saving Tips

Every PC has its own power management options. Follow below power management options to Increase laptop battery life.

- Turn off WiFi when you don’t use.

- Turn off Bluetooth when you don’t use.

- Reduce volume level or mute it when don’t need.
- Avoid external peripherals like USB, Ethernet and CD/DVD drives.
- Use text editor instead MS word. MS word needs more RAM so that it consumes more battery.
- Shut down computer when you don’t need it for long time. Because putting laptop in standby or in sleep mode will dry battery.

Hope you guys like this article... For more updates and latest tech news keep visiting Geek Winky... And for any types of queries do use the comment section provided below...

Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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