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How To Stop Autoplaying Videos In Any Browsers | Geek Winky

One of the most annoying thing is landing on a website and hearing a video start playing before you even begin browsing. It is even worse if you are running multiple tabs. If you open a series of tabs, you then have to go through all of them to find the offending video to turn it off. 
And most of the time, these autoplaying videos tend to be nothing more than annoying news bulletins you don’t need, or worse, ads. I dont know why they do this...
If they want to show ads then what is the need of auto-playing it. I'm much frustrated among my experience with this. To avoid these things, today I am sharing this article.
Just follow the steps provided for different browsers...

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Google Chrome

In Chrome we can stop the autoplay videos by installing an extension. Just follow the steps:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Install and enable the plugin Disable HTML5 Autoplay.

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Open any website which previously have autoplay videos, it will not be played automatically now. You can take Youtube for the reference.


In Firefox you dont need any kind of plugin, we can stop autoplaying videos by making some changes in settings. Follow the steps:

1. Open Firefox Browser.
2. Type about:config in address bar and press Enter.
3. Click "I accept the risk" if any kind of this message will appear.
4. Type media.autoplay.enabled in the Search Bar.
5. Double click on this option to change the value to False.

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You may now again check any website for autoplaying and verify whether it is working or not.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge allows you to turn off Flash but it doesn’t actually work too well as it turns it off completely without the option to play when you want it to. It doesn’t have the ability to block HTML5 video as yet either. Hopefully, with an update to the browser coming in the Creator’s Update, that should change. Follow the steps:

1. Open Edge and select the Settings menu.
2. Select View advanced settings and toggle off Use Adobe Flash Player.

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Image Source - Geek Winky
Hope you guys like this article... For more updates and latest tech news and tricks keep visiting Geek Winky... And for any types of queries do use the comment section provided below...

Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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