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Top Harmless Computer Pranks You Must Try | Geek Winky

Since the dawn of time, geeks have been playing harmless pranks on their beloved friends or associates, and it's upto all of us to carry this torch forward. Once you got their system you can do all sort of things automatically, there's no time of baffle, confuse, perplex, and just plain mess with your loved ones and associates.
The real secret of successful pranking is simplicity. If you also want to have your hands over these pranks then jump down to the list of best pranks for Computers...

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Best 5 Computer Pranks

Here are some Computer pranks that you must try. Have a look...

1. Making it Large

Press the Windows button, and keeping it pressed, press the '+' button 4-5 times. This process opens up the Magnifier.

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To add some more flavours to this, press Ctrl+Alt+I. This will make the screen look terrible and undermine.
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Recovery Method - Press Ctrl+Alt+I again, and after that press Windows key and '-' key 2-3 times to set the things back to normal condition.
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2. Freezing the Desktop

For this prank, first of all you have to take screenshot of the desktop. Just goto Desktop and press the Print Screen button. Now open Paint and press Ctrl+V to paste it. Save the image at any location you want. Now, do right click on the saved image and click on Set as Desktop Background.

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Image Source - Geek Winky
Then, goto your Desktop and do right click, under the View section uncheck the Show Desktop Icons.
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Image Source - Geek Winky
Now the fun begins when your friends going mad over it by clicking on the icons randomly which are actually a part of Desktop Background.

Recovery Method - Just change the desktop background and check the Show Desktop Icons which you have unchecked previously.

3. Haunted PC

This is one of the easiest and most amazing prank.

All you need is to just press Shift+Alt+Print Screen. You can also perform this prank even if the screen is locked.

Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky
NOTE - After pressing the key if the dialog box pops up and ask the permission for high contrast then click on Yes.

Recovery Method - Do Shift+Alt+Print Screen again to apply normal properties.

4. Facebook Prank

Post a status update on your profile page saying this...

Guys help me blocking this profile

Now, whoever will click on that profile will be redirected to his/her own profile and will definitively in panic thinking why the hell on earth you want to do that. This is one of the best prank on Internet.

Recovery Method -  I don't think this prank needs to be recovered😜

5. Virus Detection and Formatting Prank

This is an awesome computer prank using Notepad. Just copy the codes below and save it with .vbs extension. You can name the file that has the more chance that your friend might click on it. Like you can save it with leaked pics.vbs or you can name it with the name of his personal folder also or any name.

X=MsgBox("Error while opening.Do you want to fix this problem?",4+64,"My Computer")

X=MsgBox("This problem can not be fixed!",0+48,"My Computer")
X=MsgBox("Virus Detected on Your Computer! Do you want to scan your PC?",3+16,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("Access Denied!Virus is Activated",2+16,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("Virus is copying Your Passwords.........",2+48,"Virus is Activated")
X=MsgBox("Deleting System Files..........",2+16,"Virus is installed on Your System")
X=MsgBox("Trojand78.dll is deleting your files.Do you want to stop this?",4+32,"Window Defender")
X=MsgBox("Access Denied! Your Computer is infected",0+16,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("You can not access your computer anymore",2+16,"Your Computer is Hacked")

Now, you have to change the icon of that file so your friend cannot able to determine it. You can set the icon of a folder or any browser or anything that your friend may easily trapped on it. 

Image Source - Geek Winky
For changing icon first of all you have to create its shortcut icon then only you can change its icon. Right click on the shortcut and select properties and navigate to Change Icon option and choose the suitable icon. 
You may also hide the extension.

Recovery Method - Just delete the file.

Hope you guys like this article... 
For more updates and latest tips & tricks or pranks keep visiting Geek Winky... And for any types of queries do use the comment section provided below...

Article By : Atul AgrawalSr. Technical Writer & Editor @ Geek Winky
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