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Essential Facebook Privacy Tips You Need To Know About | Geek Winky

We all love Facebook... Most of the time we spent scrolling its news feed. But finding the balance between Facebook fun and Facebook privacy can be a difficult job.  Facebook makes us connect and keep up with friends, both with nearer and far ones, but also shares our private information. Before social media, we would have never have been dreamed of putting our life moments, details and many information out there.  You can also search for others based on where they live, where they went to school, who they are related to, etc.  That's a lot of information! Lets have a look at  What info is suitable to share?

Essential Facebook Privacy Tips You Need To Know About | Geek Winky
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When you first sign up you enter your birth date.  It is always fun to get birthday wishes from all your friends and this is a good way for old high school buddies to find you.  But it can also be used for others to find you!  Think about it, when you call your bank or other financial institutions what is one of the first questions they ask of you...your birth date.  Whoops!


Many password recovery systems ask certain questions to prove that you are who you say your are if you need to reset your password.  One of the most popular one is, "Where did you go to High School?".  Have you publicly shared that answer on Facebook?

Pictures or Stories:  

We see this happen all the time, somebody posts a risque picture or tells a story about a fun night out in Vegas and they have ended up losing their jobs.  If you want to keep your reputation clean (and your job), you probably don't want that pic of you and the beer bong from Friday's party being posted on Facebook.  While you cannot control what pictures other people take of you, you can control whether or not you are tagged in the pictures. 

Essential Facebook Privacy Tips You Need To Know About | Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky
There are Facebook settings that allow you to control who sees what information about you and what happens when you are tagged in others' posts.  You do have complete control over your Facebook privacy and it is easy to regulate. 

How to Check and Adjust Your Facebook Privacy Settings ?

  • View what your Facebook accounts looks like to other people.  From your Homepage click your Name on the blue bar at the top of the page.  Click the 3 dots next to View Activity Log and then select View As....
  • Run a privacy check by clicking on the Question Mark in the top right corner and choose Privacy Checkup.  Here's where you really need to think about what you want to share and who you want to share it with.  Do people really need to know the year of your birth or will the month and day still get you all the great birthday wishes? 
  • Doing a check up covers most of your information but you can go even further by editing abdvanced privacy.  Click the V-Shaped Dropdown to the right of the question mark.  Go to Settings and choose Privacy
  • You can adjust timeline and tagging in the privacy settings.  You get to control who can tag you, who can see the tagged post, and what shows up in your news-feed.
Many of us enjoy Facebook and it is a huge part our our community  Go ahead and enjoy it...just remember to take a few moments to tweak your privacy settings so you can decide who can have a watch over you and what contents it be...

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Article By - Atul Agrawal
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