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How To Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster | Geek Winky

Now a days, new Desktop PC's are quite cheap to own as not everyone uses old desktop these days. And we are upgrading hardwares more frequently. Still one thing which annoys some people like me who are always in a hurry is the booting time. 
When we upgrade to new PC with better and faster processor, we do it because either we have already started or plan to use heavy software applications. Let’s take example of Adobe Photoshop 7 in days of Pentium 3. This would have run slow on a P3 and when upgrading to Pentium 4 most upgraded to Photoshop CS range which was more resource hungry than its older versions. This made even Pentium 4 slower and then came multiple core processors.

How To Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster | Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky
Booting time is effected with the number of software’s installed as every software make entries in registry and some even need services to be started when windows start, all these increase the booting time. Booting time here means the time from system power on till the desktop becomes ready for use (means all notification area icons appeared and antivirus software loaded). Booting time depends on applications installed on the system and nothing to do with the age of your PC.

Here are some tips to cut down on booting time and shutting time as well:

1. Install a SSD hard disk and install operating system on it

If space is left, you can also install frequently used application. I would suggest antivirus software because it is running all time right from the boot till shut down. SSD drives have high read and write speed enabling your system to boot faster.

2. Install maximum possible RAM

If there is an empty slot in your motherboard for RAM then do get a RAM and fill that slot! When your system is short of RAM space (many time it is), it uses hard disk space as RAM (virtual memory) and you know hard disk can never be as fast as RAM. RAM is the fastest memory you can provide your computer with. Cache and registers are even faster but they cannot be upgraded as they are inbuilt in CPU.

Geek Winky
Image Source - Geek Winky

3. Remove unnecessary programs from startup

Type “msconfig” in the RUN box and a window will open where you can deselect the applications that you don’t need at startup. If you are unsure of some, leave them checked or Google their name and you will find info about them.

4. Remove unnecessary fonts

Each and every font gets initialized when system boots up, so if you have a large number of fonts that you downloaded and used for any project that you will no longer work on then its good idea to remove them. In case you need them again in a rare occasion, you can install them again. 

To remove fonts follow these steps:
Open control panel and under appearence and personalization, double click on the folder icon named “fonts”. You will see many fonts icon and to delete any font, just right click on its icon and click “delete”.

If you are struggling with the slow boot time of your PC, then the above mentioned tips may be useful for you. For more tips and tricks keep visiting Geek Winky.
And if you have any queries then please use the comment section provided below....

Article By - Atul Agrawal
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